Design for space


In this project I learned how to script in C#, I designed the game, created it, implemented the audio and all of that was based on a concept by me. I made this in a team consisting solely of artists, so one of us had to learn how to program. The models, the cut scene and the textures were created by my team.

The idea behind the game is that you wake up in a room, which is completely empty and textureless. In a corner there is a flashlight; when you pick it up and turn it on, you find out the flashlight projects textures upon the wall, showing you where the door is in a previously featureless boxlike room.

When you exit the room, you find yourself in a maze, with the walls deformed into strange organic forms. You can hear the monsters coming for you, so you try and find the exit, too bad that the moment you step outside you are grabbed by the monsters who sedate you. When you wake up you are told that all you saw was caused by a psychotic break, that you are a patient at the psychiatric ward you tried to break out of.

Concept for an enemy