Narrative and style

So, I’ve made a lot of progress since the last post. I’ve determined my narrative, my target audience and the overall style, all of which mesh really well together.


To begin: The story of the installation is that there is a slightly crazy inventor type, thing a mix between Elon Musk and Willy Wonka. You are a burglar trying to hack into his computer, which has the strangest OS you’ve ever seen. The security seems based around children’s puzzles, the mouse pointer is an animated character, which you have to control with an old arcade style interface and everything is 80s themed.


The underlying story is that our invertor CEO grew up in the 80’s fascinated by all things sci-fi and is actually looking for new employees for his company. The puzzles/security measures are actually tests that determine if you are smart, courageous and nimble enough to work for his company.

My target audience is children between 8 and 14, as they like to be competitive while actually being really bad losers. The installation allows them to compete on things like fastest run trough or figuring out the puzzles, without being able to truly fail.

I finished the first prototype for the interface, and I really like it. Now all that’s left is to add some LEDs behind the transparant sections and it’ll be truly ready!