Caroline Kilg is a multi-disciplinary designer fascinated by the relationship of the digital and physical world.

About me

My work for the past few years has revolved around bringing aspects of the digital world into the physical. I am fascinated with bringing the movements and actions out of the digital screen and into real life. I’m interested in exploring new technologies and designing new uses for them. At this moment I have yet to find my specialization, as I am interested in many different aspects of design.

The long and winding road
I started my journey of becoming a designer at the Royal academy in the Hague (KABK), where I followed a prep year focused on fine art and graphic design. After this I switched to the HKU in Utrecht to study a year of illustration. Then followed a switch to Game Art which finally culminated in my interest in interaction design, as I became more and more fascinated by peoples relationship with technology.

I love games in all shapes and forms, from board and card games, to video and outdoor games. I am also a passionate reader and I love boardsports; in the summer you’ll often find me at the seaside, and in the winter on the slopes.