Vogelvlucht is a not truly a game; it is more a proof of concept. The device we designed measured the distance between your arm and the table, which allowed you to control the character on screen. Move your hand up and the bird rises. Move your hand down and the bird dives.

The game its self is extremely simple, with stars you have to pick up to get points. It was made to be very easy to understand because our primary target group was the elderly who needed to do exercises for physiotherapy. This was a tool designed to keep them motivated throughout the months during which they have to do boring, repetitive exercises.

The device itself was designed to be as cheap as possible, since we wanted the elderly (or anyone who needs to do boring exercises) to be able to buy it without being a serious financial drain. We used an arduino, which raised the total cost to around $45. If this devise were to be manufactured on a large scale it could be made much more cheaply.

In this project I took upon myself the role of teamleader and designed and animated the main character. I also provided the concept sketches and supporting artwork. The background of the game was made by a teammate.